Clinical Treatments with Short Peptides

Helix - Restore

Our Peptides like Epitalon, Endoluten and many more will help your organs and soft tissue in this rebuilding healing process

The Best Clinical Treatments

by a Swiss Privat Clinic

Our Peptides 

They belong to a class      para-pharmaceutics  foods that have           healing properties.

Not being medicines

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We have the original short Peptide Extract´s

for Cell and Organ repair:

  • Cardiovascular system
  • Central nervous system
  • Carbohydrate metabolism
  • Digestive system
  • Immune system
  • Locomotor apparatus
  • Respiratory system
  • After radio and chemotherapy
  • Vision

Cardiovaskular Combination

For your heart system


CPE normalizes and supports the functions of the heart, accelerates the recovery of the heart muscle, improves the tolerance of physical activity. BVP helps to normalize the state of the vascular system, it is recommended to improve blood microcirculation in various organs and tissues. KPE improves kidney function, which plays an important role in the blood pressure regulation system.

Cartilage System Combination 

For musculoskeletal system & joint pain


CPE normalizes the function of the musculoskeletal system, contributes to the restoration of cartilage tissue and support the work of the joints, including during high physical exertion. BVP helps to improve blood microcirculation in cartilage tissue. LPE normalizes the work of the liver, which synthesizes the substances necessary for the body, including the work of the joints.

Brain Function Combination

Brain function system


BPE helps to normalize the function of the brain, improves memory and attention, it is recommended for intense mental activity. BVP normalizes the state of the blood vessels and helps to improve the blood supply to the brain. KPE corrects and supports the functions of the kidneys involved in the regulation of blood pressure, which is important for cerebral circulation.


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Peptides like Endoluten or Epitalon:

Peptide Bioregulators of natural origin, which normalize and support the activity of human organs and systems, increase the body's resistance to the effects of adverse factors, which helps maintain health, beauty and activity for many years.

According to a unique production technology, our Peptides are complexes of proteins (peptides) and nucleic acids, including physiological concentrations of minerals, microelements and vitamins in an easily digestible form.

Our Peptide Store has Bio Regulators for

“Keeping the Quality of Life”

  • Proteins are vital to cell division, which is necessary for growth, reproduction and healing.
  • Many proteins keep everything working right by regulating chemical reactions. Examples include enzymes, hormones, blood clotting substances, even receptors in the eyes.
  • Protein is essential for the immune system to defend against foreign invaders such as bacteria and viruses.
  • Proteins help to transport other nutrients around the body by binding to them and then releasing them when and where they are needed.
  • Protein helps to regulate and maintain a proper fluid balance. This helps to maintain proper blood pressure and even lubricate eyes.
  • Certain proteins serve a major structural role in tissues such as muscle and skin and even provide the matrix for bones and teeth.

Basically, our bodies make thousands of specific proteins that serve important roles in everyday functioning— in fact, the human body is about 45% protein on a dry matter basis.

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There is still no way to stop aging but thanks to the scientists’ intensive work during the last 40 years, we finally have dietary supplements like Endoluten, Epitalon and many more, that substantially slow down aging by reducing peptide deficiency and restoring cell peptide-protein cycles in the body. There are natural Bio Regulator products, like Endoluten and synthesized ones, like Epitalon and many more which cover almost every body system and organ. Thus, if you want to live longer being mentally and physically healthy you have now a real solution.

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