Clinical Treatments

Clinical Treatments with Short Peptides

Counselling Packages

Combination of ECT with alternative therapy methods, Detoxification and drainage, Age Management Peptide Treatment, Preventive Thermolytic Infrared Screening for Breastcancer, Tumors & Cellmutations

Lyme Disease Treatment

Research indicates that Lyme disease can be treated successfully with a few weeks of antibiotics.

Post-Treatment Lyme Disease Syndrome

The good news is that patients with PTLDS almost always get better with time.


We are providing Complimentary and Integrative Cancer Treatments, and opens up the field of oncology to greater possibilities beyond the conventional options of chemo-therapy, radiotherapy and surgery.

Helix restore treats the body as a whole to attack the cancer from as many directions as possible. Our extensive treatment portfolio comprises of more than 25 different treatments focusing on killing cancer cells, boosting the immune system, rebuilding health and supporting overall wellbeing.

Preventive Cell

Mutation Measuring  

Preventive Thermolytic Infrared Screening for Breastcancer, Tumors & Cellmutations.

Interference Field Detection Through

Peptide Bioregulator Europe AB

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Medical adviceory for

health & joint pain

 "Joint Pain"


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There is still no way to stop aging but thanks to the scientists’ intensive work during the last 40 years, we finally have dietary supplements like Endoluten, Epitalon and many more, that substantially slow down aging by reducing peptide deficiency and restoring cell peptide-protein cycles in the body. There are natural Bio Regulator products, like Endoluten and synthesized ones, like Epitalon and many more which cover almost every body system and organ. Thus, if you want to live longer being mentally and physically healthy you have now a real solution.

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