Peptide Combination

Clinical Treatments with Short Peptides

Recomended Peptide Extract Treatments 

To achieve the greatest effect with "Joint Pain"

or different systemic disorders, the complex use of several (3-5 mutually reinforcing types) of Peptides is recommended.

Cardiovascular System


HPE normalizes and supports the functions of the heart, accelerates the recovery of the heart muscle, improves the tolerance of physical activity. BVP helps to normalize the state of the vascular system, it is recommended to improve blood microcirculation in various organs and tissues. KPE improves kidney function, which plays an important role in the blood pressure regulation system.

Brain Function Combination

Brain function system Epitalon


BPE helps to normalize the function of the brain, improves memory and attention, it is recommended for intense mental activity. BVP normalizes the state of the blood vessels and helps to improve the blood supply to the brain. KPE corrects and supports the functions of the kidneys involved in the regulation of blood pressure, which is important for cerebral circulation.

Cartilage System Combination

For musculoskeletal system


CPE normalizes the function of the musculoskeletal system, contributes to the restoration of cartilage tissue and support the work of the joints, including during high physical exertion. BVP helps to improve blood microcirculation in cartilage tissue. LPE normalizes the work of the liver, which synthesizes the substances necessary for the body, including the work of the joints.

Visual System


OPE helps to normalize and improve the function of vision in case of various disorders, it is recommended with significant visual loads (intense office work, computer operators, drivers). BPE normalizes and supports the functions of the brain, which takes an active part in the work of the visual system. BVP to improve the blood supply to the eye tissues.

Immune System


TPE contributes to the physiological activation of the immune system. It is recommended during the cold season to prevent colds and viral diseases. EPE hormonal metabolism, which also has a positive effect on the immune system. BVP normalizes the vascular system, maintaining blood microcirculation and the function of the body's immune system.

Respiratory System


BRP helps to normalize and improve the function of the bronchopulmonary system for various disorders, prevents the development of shortness of breath and bronchospasm. TPE helps activate the immune system, which increases the resistance of the respiratory system to various diseases. BVP allows you to improve blood flow and gas exchange processes in the organs of the respiratory system.


Peptides will help the muscle or soft tissue in this rebuilding healing process.

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Expert's Advice

Maintaining health and ensuring the maximum life expectancy of a person in the modern environment is the most important task of medical science, because the biological resource of the human body is designed to live for 110–120 years . Unfortunately, unfavorable factors shorten life by 30-45 years, with the result that the average life expectancy is 70-75 years, and a whole third of life is lost .

PEPTIDE Complexes are substances that regulate intracellular processes and ensure the normal functioning of organs and tissues. In essence, peptides are a protein compound of several amino acids. All peptides have their own specialization, i.e. only a specific peptide is suitable for each organ: heart peptides for the heart, liver peptides for the liver, etc.

The lack of peptides (with age or as a result of the action of negative factors) accelerates the wear of tissues, the aging process and the development of diseases.

BIOREGULATION is a scientific direction that studies molecular and cellular mechanisms that control homeostasis, allowing to restore the physiological functions of the body, to ensure the possibility of successful prevention and treatment of various diseases through the use of complexes of organ-specific protein structures.

  • Providing protection and normal functioning of tissues and organs.
  • Ensuring high performance at elevated loads (including sports).
  • Support the body for malnutrition, the use of diets, including those aimed at reducing body weight.
  • Prevention of diseases and their complications.
  • Acceleration of rehabilitation after past illnesses, injuries and operations.
  • Enhance body resistance when exposed to adverse factors: environmental, climate, occupational, stress.

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There is still no way to stop aging but thanks to the scientists’ intensive work during the last 40 years, we finally have dietary supplements like Endoluten, Epitalon and many more, that substantially slow down aging by reducing peptide deficiency and restoring cell peptide-protein cycles in the body. There are natural Bio Regulator products, like Endoluten and synthesized ones, like Epitalon and many more which cover almost every body system and organ. Thus, if you want to live longer being mentally and physically healthy you have now a real solution.

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